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Award-Winning Strictly Salsa

In January 2008, Deej and Trish were joint winners of the 12th Night Award for Services to Regional Salsa. This annual award is voted for by attendees of one of the North of England's biggest salsa events. Deej and Trish are very proud to have been given this award, especially as it is voted for by local dancers.

"We started teaching together less than three and a half years ago, we've tried hard to ensure our classes and clubnights are as good as they can be, and this award is the best feedback we could possibly wish for to let us know we're getting it right (at least some of the time). It's a fantastic feeling to know we have inspired enough dancers enough to want to give us this award, but in turn, the main reason we do it, is because OUR greatest inspiration is seeing our own students learn and progress with their own dancing, and the enjoyment they get from it."

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Strictly Salsa: our philosophy

Salsa's a friendly, vivacious, exciting world of rhythm and passion and we want to share it with you. Whether you're a complete novice who's never danced a step before, a seasoned professional looking for some relaxed dancing or whether you're somewhere in between you'll be made very welcome by Deej and Trisha at Strictly Salsa. We have classes and dancing every Monday in York and Wednesday in Wetherby and we look forward to meeting you sometime soon. If you're looking for salsa lessons or dancing in Yorkshire, you need to get Strictly Salsa!

We want to teach you to be the best dancers you can be, dancers that we'd want to dance with. We're very aware salsa is at its best when you're actually dancing, so our aim is to give you a knowledge of the basics to get you dancing as soon as possible, with light-hearted but nevertheless comprehensive teaching, before taking you on and helping you become the dancer within you that's kicking to get out. We therefore focus our classes very much on technique, building a solid foundation for your dancing as a beginner. We will add to your understanding as we build on that foundation through our improver and intermediate levels. We don't just teach turn patterns,although leaders (and followers) will get plenty of material to use on the dance floor.

We encourage our dancers to just get out and dance, at clubs, social events and other classes. There are loads of places for you to practice your freestyle dancing and it is there, outside the classroom, that you really hone your skills as a dancer. If you want to know the best places nearby, just ask.

We believe that there's a lot more to dancing than simply walking through moves you did in class: we aim to show our dancers how to lead and follow clearly and comfortably, how to express their own personalities when dancing, how to use and feel the music and how to connect with your dance partner. Basically, we want to be proud to watch when you're burning up the dance floor.

We try to make sure our class nights are more than just lessons. We work hard with our hosts at both venues to create a warm friendly atmosphere where you can easily make new friends before, after or between classes and we make sure there's always lots of free dance time between the classes to put your new found skills into practice.

Surprisingly to some, our hope is that eventually Strictly Salsa won't be enough for you. The world of salsa is MUCH bigger than just us and we want to introduce you to it. We'll encourage you to go to other events and classes in the area to get the most out of your dancing though this is by no means compulsory if you prefer to keep it low key.

Trisha Lee

Trish had been missing something and in early 2003, was amazed to find it in a Salsa club, literally just around the corner from home.

With a teenage history steeped Strictly in ballroom and a great deal of her twenties steeped Strictly in London's night clubs, Trisha Lee took to salsa like a kitten to a bowl of milk. She has a style that is unquestionably her own, blended from ballroom, salsa and endless nightclub forays, and the result is precise yet sensual with uncompromised flair.

Fast yet flowing, stylish yet precise, Trisha has a thorough understanding of follower technique and combines this with clear explanations to make an excellent teacher.

On top of the above Trish can often be heard shouting "I'm a man" when looking for a partner as she can lead with a confidence and clarity few other ladies (and not too many men) can match.

Andrew (Deej) De-Giorgio

Deej went to his first salsa class in October 2002 with little idea of what salsa was about. After two of months of two classes each week, he still didn’t have much idea but he was certainly enjoying himself and developing a real hunger for his salsa and looked for more. Over the next six months he danced several nights a week, and his knowledge and technique improved quickly, particularly as he was matching time in lessons with time dancing freestyle.

He’d been dancing less than nine months when he was first asked to teach (an advanced class!) as a substitute for a local teacher. The class went well and soon he was covering classes on an almost regular basis. With a wealth of experience in training assorted disciplines from advanced motorcycling to computing skills, Deej took quickly to teaching salsa and on a salsa holiday three months later, he was called upon by fellow advanced students to lead them in a demonstration at the end of the week. Helping local teachers over the next few months, Deej gained valuable teaching experience but became increasingly frustrated in an environment where he wasn’t free to implement his own ideas.

When an opportunity arose for Deej to take on his own club, he grasped it and so it transpired that less than two years after taking his first salsa steps, Deej was running his own weekly Strictly Salsa clubnights in Boroughbridge together with partner Trisha, with clubnights in York following two years later in summer 2006.

Deej moved away from teaching at the end of 2013 but is still involved and DJs at Strictly Salsa Social nights.