Strictly Salsa Classes

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Monday Nights: York

New Earswick Bowls Club
Huntington Rd
York, YO32 9PX
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7 per person

7:00 - Welcome
7:15 - Absolute Beginners (Free)
7:15 - Beginners
8:15 - Social Dancing
8:40 - Level-2
9:40 - Social Dancing
10:10 - Level-3

Wednesday Nights: Wetherby

Wetherby & District Social Club
Sandbeck Way
Wetherby, LS22 7DN
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7 per person

7:00 - Welcome
7:15 - Absolute Beginners (Free)
7:15 - Beginners
8:15 - Social Dancing
8:40 - Level-2
9:40 - Social Dancing
10:10 - Level-3

Our Intermediate class requires a thorough knowledge of the Improver syllabus. Please check with us before joining our Intermediate Class.

We have two goals with our classes. Firstly to have fun and secondly to help you become great dancers. With this in mind we structure our class levels carefully and endeavour to ensure you're in the class level that suits you best. We have a carefully thought out class syllabus for each level and when you can comfortably dance everything in it, you're ready to move to a more advanced class.

We run our classes on a rotation basis so that new people can join at any time, at any part of the syllabus. When you feel you're ready to move to the next level, please check with us first so that we can confirm you are ready.

Remember, there's absolutely no need to bring a dance partner - just yourself and your enthusiasm

Please note -
We actively discourage you to attend classes above your level as this can be frustrating not only for you, but also for the other dancers in the class.

Class Levels

Not sure which class to attend? Here's a quick description of what to expect.

Absolute Beginners   |   Beginners   |   Level-2   |   Level-3

Absolute Beginners

Generally, students who have never danced salsa before will spend a week in Absolute Beginners. This is a small group where we can help you become familiar with basic salsa footwork before you move on to our Beginners class. We find that our pupils really appreciate this intensive basic class instead of being thrown straight in with more experienced dancers.

You'll be introduced to salsa timing, which will be the bedrock for everything else you learn, four or five basic 'moves' and the concept of leading and following.

One week of Absolute Beginners is usually enough for dancers to find their salsa feet, but if you feel you need to repeat that's fine with us - people learn at different speeds.

An Absolute Beginner's class is run whenever we have people attending our class who has never danced salsa before and will be at the same time as the normal Beginners' class at that venue. So if you haven't danced salsa before, all you need to do is to let us know when you arrive so that we can arrange the classes.


In the Beginners class we learn the moves and turns that make up the foundation of salsa dancing and become familiar leading and following these.

Each week we'll introduce some new footwork, before adding it to our warm up dance, along with footwork from previous weeks. After the warm up, we move on to partner work and look at a new move (or set of moves) each week as listed in our class syllabus, such as step turns and a few cross body lead variations. The point is to give you the building blocks with which to begin constructing your freestyle dancing, putting them together in ways that suit you rather than stepping through set turn patterns.

This syllabus rotates over a seven week period, but most new dancers find they need to cover it twice (or sometimes more) to be comfortable with it. When you are familiar and comfortable with the Beginner's syllabus, you qualify to move into our Level-2 Class. Don't be in too much of a hurry to move up a level - we've had pupils who have struggled at first and then gone on to become fabulous dancers.

If you feel that you're ready to move up, ask us and we will dance through the Beginners syllabus with you to see how you're getting on. We do ask that you check with us rather than moving yourself between classes however, because being in a class that is held up by someone not yet at the level concerned can be very frustrating, both for the other students and the teacher alike.


We feel that this is where you REALLY learn to dance. You've got the basics sorted, now let's put them together, add a dash of style and some slightly more complex moves...

The aim in our Level-2 class is to turn you into an Level-3 freestyle dancer, capable of holding your own with anyone on the dance floor. To this end we will now start to look at turn patterns involving hand work, travelling turns and double spins and will start to think about the movement in the rest of our bodies, rather than just our feet.

To become thoroughly proficient with our Level-2 syllabus could take up to a year (or more) if you are only dancing once a week, though if you regularly attend other classes and events you will find you improve much faster.

We do suggest that some of our Level-2 dancers also attend the Beginners class, partly to help consolidate their knowledge and partly to help the beginners move on more quickly. We also know that moving from Beginners to Level-2 can feel like a big jump - not only are more demands placed on your newly developed salsa ability, but you will also be surrounded by people who have been dancing a lot longer than you - so continuing the Beginners class will remind you how far you've already come.

Level- 3

In Level-3, we explore more complex turn patterns and the footwork and leads that will help them to work smoothly on the dance floor.

NB. Please note that our Level-3 class really is an Level-3 class, not just an extended Level-2 class, and participation relies on a thorough knowledge of our Level-2 syllabus - including complete comfort leading or following double spins at speed and all varieties of travelling turn. In order to maintain our class levels and our standard of teaching, we exercise a policy of assessing the ability of dancers with regard to this syllabus prior to entry into our Level-3 class.

If you have not attended our Level-3 class before, please come to our Level-2 class and talk with us beforehand - we hate having to turn people away who have turned up especially for the class but aren't quite up to the level.

Class Syllabus

You can download and print copies of the syllabus for Beginner and Level-2 levels. Choose from word document or PDF format.

Beginners:   word   |    pdf
Level-2:   word   |    pdf

We don't have a syllabus for the Level-3 class because it would just be too long. Besides, when you reach that stage you really shouldn't need one.

Freestyle Dancing

Salsa is a "led" dance. By this we mean that when two people dance together, one leads (usually the man) and one follows (usually the woman). The leader will decide as he is dancing what move or turn pattern he wishes the couple to dance next and will communicate this to the follower, mostly via subtle hand movements (often referred to as "the lead").

Because the leader has to think of all the moves on the fly and also how to lead them effectively, the leader's footwork tends to be less complex and flamboyant than that of the follower, though this is by no means always the case.

There may also be times during the dance when the dancers separate and each do "their own thing" for a few bars of self expression. This is particularly popular with dancers that are steeped in "New York" style salsa.

Guest Teaching

We have bookings to teach up and down the country, so even if you don't live close enough to attend our classes in North Yorkshire, we might get to meet you at another venue. Do say hello if you meet us on our travels.

List of forthcoming Strictly Salsa guest teaching spots.